Kathy Beth Kantor Memorial Scholarship

Kathy Beth Kantor Memorial Scholarship in Photography

In memory of his daughter, Kathy Beth, ear,-nose,-and-throat-doctor-to-the-stars Dr. Edward Kantor and Laurie Kaman, Kathy’s best friend, established this very competitive and unique scholarship for three visual artists with a passion for photography—one senior, one junior, and one sophomore.  This award involves a rigorous application and photography portfolio review process, after which the senior winner’s college is given $3,000 and the junior and sophomore receive gift certificates to a camera store to purchase photographic equipment.


2017 Prompts

You may choose one of the following prompts as a jumping off point for your submission, or you can choose your own theme to which to tie in your work.

  1. Inner Strength and Bravery: Kathy battled cancer for almost two years after being told that she had just months to live. The human will is powerful beyond measure. Create a series of ten prints that embody what inner strength and bravery look like to you. This an either involve a loss that you have experienced directly or you can document someone else’s journey. You can choose to create the story from the perspective of the person experiencing the situation or from the family/loved one’s perspective.
  2. Finding the Best in People: As both a human being and as a photographer, Kathy found the good and the beauty in everyone around her. Her open acceptance was very apparent in the way she framed her subjects. Create a ten-print series that portrays the inner beauty in your subjects.

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