Endowment & Scholarship Funds

Generous donors have established scholarship and endowment funds at the Arts High Foundation in order to provide LACHSA students and arts programs with financial support.

Bobby Brooks Endowment Fund
This fund was established in memory of music agent Bobby Brooks by his wife Barbara Cane.  The interest/dividends from the endowment support the Composer-in-Residence in the Music program.

Craig Charles Herst Memorial Endowment Fund
This fund was established in memory of Craig Charles Herst by his mother Terry Herst. Craig’s family and friends have generously contributed to this fund.  The interest/dividends from the endowment help to underwrite the publication of the Visual Arts Student Portfolio – Gift of Love.

2010 Kathy Beth Kantor
Senior Class Recipient Tessa DiPietro, Laurie Kaman, Dr. Edward Kantor, Harriet Hochman
Sophomore Class Recipient Wendy Ho.

Kathy Beth Kantor Memorial Fund
This fund was established in memory of photographer Kathy Beth Kantor by her father, Dr. Edward Kantor, and generously supported by relatives and friends of the Kantor family.  The interest/dividends from the endowment are used to award scholarships to student photographers to support their work in the field.

Caroline Leonetti Ahmanson Memorial Endowment Fund
This fund was established in memory of LACHSA and Arts High Foundation co-founder and philanthropist Caroline Leonetti Ahmanson (1918-2005). Interest/dividends from this fund are allocated to support arts education at LACHSA.

Gwyn Lurie Endowment Fund
This fund was established in honor of former Arts High Foundation Trustee Gwyn Lurie.  The interest from this endowments support the general-operating expenses of the Arts High Foundation.

Lupe Ontiveros Memorial Scholarship in Theatre
This award was established by Josefina Lopez, LACHSA Alumnus and playwright famous for Real Women Have Curves  to honor the memory of her dear friend, mentor, actress and force of nature, Lupe Ontiveros. This scholarship identifies young women in theatre who possess the qualities that Lupe championed: strength, resilience, promise, as well as an ongoing determination in one’s work to make a difference in the lives around you and in your community.

Performing Arts Endowment
This endowment fund to benefit the dance, music and theatre departments was established by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s Talented Students in the Arts Initiative. The $750,000 grant was matched with gifts from The Ahmanson Foundation, the Erich and Della Koenig Foundation, the B.C. McCabe Foundation, the Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation, Modern Music, the Brawerman Foundation, Laifun Chung and Ted Kotcheff, LACHSA parents and a capstone gift from The Annenberg Foundation.

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