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LACHSA is a tuition-free, public high school, but the cost of running LACHSA’s arts programs far surpasses the amount that is provided by the State. The additional annual cost of running the arts program is $2,500 per student. To provide the extra revenue required for this level of high quality arts programming, we need your support.

Your tax deductible gift to the Annual Appeal goes directly to the arts programming at LACHSA, fulfilling a pledge made to LACOE that supports the arts programming that happens between 1:00 - 4:00pm.
I always get excited when people ask me about my background.

Not just because it's an opportunity to talk about sunny Los Angeles or to gush about my wonderful parents, but because it's a chance to tell people about the place that undoubtedly changed the course of my life for the better.

That place is the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

I graduated from the Theatre department in 2014 and my time at LACHSA gave me the tools to become an artist-scholar: I participated in statewide science fairs alongside monologue competitions. I was challenged by the rigorous academics and inspired by the enriching arts programs. Most importantly, the open and creative atmosphere of LACHSA brought out a poise and natural confidence that I never would've discovered in myself at another school.

The rigorous academic curricula prepared me so well that I found myself choosing between full tuition scholarships to Stanford and Columbia (New York won my heart) and now I'm a junior studying English and Computer Science at Columbia University. The benefits of my LACHSA education have only intensified since I graduated. I've collaborated with tight networks of friends to write, direct and produce an 8 episode web series. My arts training led me into playwriting, and I've been honored with 3 fully staged productions of my work.

When I retrace my steps, I always come to the same conclusion: LACHSA changed everything for me.

LACHSA is a public school, but the State budget from LACOE primarily covers the Academic portion of the day– The Arts High Foundation raises money to fill in the gap. As budget cuts remain on the horizon, LACHSA increasingly depends on donations from our community.

I am sharing my story to ask you to make it possible for current and future LACHSA students to thrive in the same way I have. Your contribution provides resources that make an immediate impact by supporting teaching and visiting artist salaries, materials, supplies, productions, and equipment that puts the “Arts” in LACHSA.

As LACHSA’s founding non-profit, Arts High Foundation has a goal of raising $1.5 million dollars this year: that comes to $2500 per LACHSA student. Your gift of any size, whether it be $10 or $10,000 helps tremendously. It also sends a powerful message to our students and the greater Los Angeles community that the Arts do matter.

Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.

The Arts High Foundation is deeply committed to increasing funding from endowments, grants and large donor entities, but we can’t do it without our largest group of stake holders, YOU.

I promise, your kids will thank you for it: from the stage, studio, college classroom and community.

Thank you so much for your help.


Eliana Pipes
LACHSA, 2014
Columbia University, 2018 (expected)

The Annual Appeal Arts High Foundation

The Annual Appeal

The Arts High Foundation has set a goal to raise $1.5 million dollars to support LACHSA arts programs annually, and we are asking you to join the mission!

Who is Arts High Foundation: We are the 501c3 nonprofit organization with a sole mission to raise money for the arts programming at LACHSA through Foundation grants, corporate sponsorship, major donors and ongoing campaigns beginning right now with the Annual Appeal!

Where does my gift/pledge go?: Your gift to the Annual Appeal goes directly to the Arts programming at LACHSA. This includes:
Teaching artists salaries
Materials and department necessities
Core arts instructional needs
Other needs as determined by the Arts Chair
What we raise over the pledged amount goes to:
Production and venue costs (after 4pm)
Rehearsal artist costs
Capital Expenses, as necessary

Why an Annual Appeal: LACHSA is a tuition-free, public high school that serves all of Los Angeles County. We know that you want to help ensure that your child is getting the highest quality of arts programming and development that LACHSA can provide. While there is no tuition to attend LACHSA, the costs of running LACHSA’s arts programs to the caliber that LACHSA has established far surpasses the amount that is provided by the State. The Arts High Foundation was established with that recognition to be LACHSA’s primary fundraising partner for the arts programs that happen between 1-4pm daily. The cost of running the arts program comes out to $2450 per student. Therefore, we set our fundraising goal at $1.5 million, which will not only secure the arts programming, but establish extended budget opportunities for productions, venues and exhibitions during the school year. We want to ensure that you have a place and an opportunity to make a difference in your child’s arts development. Join us as we kick off what will be an extraordinary year!