Making this Possible

The Arts High Foundation warmly thanks the generous donors below whose vital support sustains the arts programs for the talented teen artists in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, musical theatre, & cinematic arts. Please know that the Foundation & LACHSA appreciate all gifts of all sizes.  Due to space constraints, we are only able to acknowledge gifts from $250 and above.

Donations Received from

July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

Corporations and Foundations

Performing Arts Endowment provided by:

The Talented Students in the Arts Initiative, a collaboration of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Surdna Foundation

Annenberg Foundation

$100,000 and Higher

Anonymous Foundation
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors
Maxwell H. Gluck Foundation


BCM Foundation
Fund Arts Now
Chip and Kathleen Rosenbloom


The Green Foundation
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation


ASCAP Foundation
Boulevard Management
Brookside Fund
California Community Foundation
Cal State University Los Angeles
Dana & Albert R. Broccoli Charitable Foundation
Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation
Find Your Light Foundation
Hennings-Fischer Foundation
Kabor Family Foundation
Kenneth T. and Eileen L Norris Foundation
Leonetti/O’Connell Family Foundation
Sony Pictures
Theatrical Education Group, Inc
Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz


The Flourish Foundation
The Dave and Sheila Gold Foundation
The Pasadena Showcase House and Design
Sequoia Productions
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Boston Arts Academy Foundation
Colburn Foundation


Warner Brothers Entertainment
The Walt Disney Corporation


Banchik Family Foundation
California Jazz Foundation
Green Set Inc.



$25,000 and Up

Ms. Laifun Chung & Ted Kotcheff
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Rosenbloom


Ms. Dolores Caffaro
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Caso
Ms. Chelsea Field and Mr. Scott Bakula
Mr. Randall Lee and Ms. Stella Jeong
Mr. William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman


Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Marla Garlin
Mr. Seth Lubove and Ms. Donna Sanford
Mr. William Cameron
Mr. Michael Amundson and Ms. Katherine Beyda
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chais
Ms. Marcia Wilson Hobbs
Mr. Howard Sherman and Ms. Sela Ward
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
Ms. Christine Sumbi


Mr. and Mrs. John H. Andreas
Ms. Daryl Barbieri
Mr. Kenneth Berry and Ms. Constance Nassios
Ms. Atiya Bham
Mrs. Alice Brody
Mr. William Cameron
Ms. Cheryl T. Cecchetto
Ms. Rebecca De Mornay
Mr. Tim Dever
Mr. Richard Davis
Ms. Tessa De Roy
Ms. Isabelle Degremont
Ms. Elizabeth Dennehy
Mr. Greg Durkin
Ms. Wendy Engelberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Escalante
S.M. Fenton and M.E. Capitti
Mr. Renato Fernandez
Ms. Paige Fillion and Mr. Scott Hornbacher
Ms. Carol Fleming
Ms. Meg Gallagher
Ms. Trish Gallaher and Mr. Rick Glenn
Ms. Barbara Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. Seth M. Gold
Mr. Joel Goldberg and Ms. Margot Frankel
Ms. Margaret Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Haddad
Mr. David Hamrick
Mr. Stephen Hamilton and Ms. Anne Marie Madla
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Haddad
Mr. David Hamrick
Mr. Stephen Hamilton and Ms. Anne Marie Madla
Ms. Naomi Hasak
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hatwan
Ms. Laurie Heaps
Ms. Cynthia Jamin
Mr. and Mrs. Jung Kim
Mr. Jack Jan-Kow Hsu and Mrs. Julie Yeh
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Jensen
Ms. Maria Esther Juarez
Mr. and Mr. Bonjun Koo
Mr. Michael and Casey Williams Krubiner
Ms. and Mr. Yvonne Mauvezin
Mr. Frank Leon and Mr. Margarita Manduley-Leon
Mr. James McColpin
Mr. Joel McKuin
Ms. Julia Lester
Mr. Tom Lieber and Ms. Cheryl Wright
Mr. Seth Lubove and Ms. Donna Sanford
Mr. Qingyun Ma and Mrs. Shouning Li
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Macgowan
Ms. Loretta Mackenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Marsh
Mr. John McColpin
Ms. Katherine Megaw
Mr. Edward Mendoza and Ms. Elsa Banuelos
Mr. Kurt Miller and Ms. Jan Stinchcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller
Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Moffett
Mr. John Murrah
Ms. Constance Nassios
Mr. James Neill and Mrs. Charity Hume
Mr. James Nelson and Ms. Christie Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Nix
Ms. Melinda Nugent
Mr. Lawrence O’Connor and Ms. Sabrina Lu
Ms. Deana Okohira
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Ortiz
Ms. Vivian Rescalvo
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Rogers
Mr. Michael Schneider
Ms. Susan Share
Mr. Parke K. Skelton and Mrs. Alison Morgan
Mr. David Smith
Mr. Bruce Somers
Ms. Caroline Somers
Ms. Constance St. John
Mr. and Mrs. James Standish
Mr. Vance Su
Mr. and Mrs. Mihoko Suzuki
Mr. Mark Todd
Mr. Francisco Tenorio
Mr. David Trend and Mrs. Patricia Lester
Ms. Anna Tugnoli
Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Vargas
Mr. Vince Waldron and Ms. Katy Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Warshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Watson
Mr. Paul Brant Williger
Mr. Ken Winick
Mr. Henry Wong and Ms. Andrea Lee Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Wong
Mr. Rob Word and Ms. Laura Lizer
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Wyson


Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Antonides
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Arklin
Mr. John Barger
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bartenetti
Mr. Blake Bailey and Ms. Gretchen Palmer
Ms. Briana Beebe
Ms. Karen Bender
Ms. Julie Berghofer
Mr. Erik Bertellotti and Ms. Pam Pierce
Mr. Michael Blatt and Ms. Alice Fung
Ms. Lois Botchett
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Brisker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Broadway
Ms. Iris Brossard
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brothers
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Campbell
Mr. Brian Castile
Mrs. Catherine Cavadini
Ms. Kelly Chapelle
Mr. Victor Cole
Robin Cottle
Mr. Victor Davila
Mr. Emmanuel Deleage
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Derouin
Ms. Roxanne Dierking
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dowling
Ms. Ethel Eisenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Elisavetsky
Erstad Engineering, Inc
Mr. and Mr. James Evans
Ms. Sara Fairchild
Ms. Vanessa Fishman
Ms. Harriet Fleming
Ms. Jodi Friedman
Ms. Janie Geiser
Mr. Tim Gedemer
Ms. Ayahlushim Getachew Hammond
Mr. Dave Gillotte
Mr. Joel Goldberg and Ms. Margot Frankel
Ms. Wendy Goldstein
Ms. Traude Gomez Rhine
Ms. Pati Goodenberg
Ms. Vicki Greenleaf
Ms. Laura Haddad
Mr. J. Todd Harris and Mrs. Amy Powers
Ms. Pam Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Herron
Mr. Jeff Huang
Mrs. and Mr. Etsuko Jackson
Mr. Ward Jewell and Mrs. Linda Zale
Mr. Jeff Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kim
Mr. Julian Koziak
Ms. Susan Koziak
Dr. Ira Krinsky
Ms. Evelyn Kung
Mr. and Mrs. Brian League
Mr. and Mrs. Damian Lewis
Mr. Brian Leatart and Ms. Cheryl Montelle
Mr. Michael Lesser and Ms. Bonnie McGarr
Mr. Liqun Li
Ms. Jodi Friedman List
Mrs. Mitzi Lizarraga
Ms. Joanne Lu
Mr. and Mrs. James MacNerland
Mr. Peter Marcuse
Ms. Ellen Massee
Ms. Elma Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Meinhard E. Mayer
Mr. Brian Miller
Ms. Alicia Millikan
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Milton
Ms. Mary Minser
Mr. Michael Mitchell and Ms. Katya Shaposhnik
Mr. Henry Moravec
Mr. Charles Murray
Mr. Sylia Obagi and Ms. Yasmeen Faisal
Ms. Ruth Ochoa
Ms. Silvia Ortiz
Ms. Alejandra Palacios
Mr. Michael Papet
Mr. Corky Pasquil
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Prestwich, MD
Ms. Norma Rescalvo
Mrs. Diane Richey
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rifkind
Ms. Fatima Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Al Rodrigo
Mr. Bill Roth
Mrs. Monica Rosenthal
Mr. Robert Rush
Mr. Carrie Saetermoe
Mr. and Mrs. David Shaheen
Ms. Monica Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sposato
Mr. Steve Tatham
Ms. Amy Tinkham
Mrs. Martha Urubio
Ms. Linda Varga
Mr. Edward Vogels and Ms. Yolanda Arrieta-Vogles
Ms. Vivien Wang
Ms. Corinne Weber
Mrs. Kari Weis
Mr. Gershon Weltman
Mr. and Ms. Geoffrey Wills
Ms. Peg Yorkin
Ms. Jane Kaczmarek
Mr. William Whiting and Ms. Margaret Keyfauver
Ms. Susan Winget
Ms. Pat Erstad
Ms. Julia Kornfield
Mr. Chester Zahn


Ms. Tanya Akel
Ms. Veronica Arteaga
Ms. Catherine Beaumont
Mr. Ulisses Bella
Mr. Daniel Castellaneta and Mrs. Deborah Lacusta
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Collins
Ms. Judith Day
Ms. Sue De Gange
Mr. and Mrs. John De Guzman
Mr. William Douglas
Ms. Sally Dworsky
Ms. Emily Eisenberg
Ms. Angelina Esqueda
Ms. Lisa Farella
Ms. Sara Fairchild
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goldstein
Ms. Pati Goodenberger
Ms. Audrey Hanneman
Mr. Ken Hardy and Ms. Lillian Montalvo
Mr. Brian Herskowitz and Ms. Gina Hecht
Mrs. and Mr. Barri Lynn Hollander
Mr. Peter James and Ms. Liane Schirmer
Mr. Z. Greg Kahwajian
Mr. Gregg W. Kettles and Ms. Lorena A. Manriquez
Ms. Shana Landsburg
Tae Hyun Lee
Mr. James Macdonald and Ms. Karen Rizzo
Mr. Ken Mann
Ms. Catherine Meng
T Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Milton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nankin
Mr. Roger Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O’Hara
Mr. Charlie Peters
Ms. Fran Reed
Mr. Michael Refuerzo
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Reifkind
Dr. James Rosser
Mr. Paul Salata
Mr. Tim Sale
Mr. Howard Sherman
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
Linda and John Tanner
Ms. Susan Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wallius
Mr. Ken Winick
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Wright
Ms. Joana Zuaiter
Ms. Kimberly Agbonkpolor
Ms. Michelle Fiordaliso
Ms. Danika Free
Ms. Meg Grosswendt
Ms. Tomiko Iwata
Mr. Emory Lee
Mr. Barry Meyer
De Castro West
Ms. Margaret Yasuda
Ms. Nina Zippay
Ms. Wanda Bautista
Ms. Colleen Villard
Ms. Karen Fernandez
Philippe Le Brun
Mr. Charles Block
Mr. Joseph Caprioli
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Kupchak
Snyder Sutton Real Estate
Ms. Felicia Wesley
Ms. Natalie Zimmerman
M.E. Argentieri
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Gilleran
L.A. Louver Gallery
Mr. Bradley Rubin
Ms. Lawrin Goulston Salazar and Mr. Joe Salazar
Ms. Johanna Metzger and Mr. Alejandro Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Godycki
Ms. Mary Manofsky
Mr. Rodney Nugent
Ms. Ann Marie Tengen
Mr. Troy Takaki
Mr. Lee Stein
Mr. Richard Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cox
Ms. Fiona Eddy
Ms. Sara Goldstein
Mr. Mitchell Eisen
Ms. Chantelle Ainsworth
Ms. Laurie Niles
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Bernstein
Mr. Peter Robinson and Ms.Buffy Shutt
Ms. Susan Pascale
Mr. Damien Heartwell and Ms. Stefania Benacchio

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