A Message from LACHSA Principal, John Lawler


One of the earliest efforts I undertook as a board member is to put heads together with parent and fellow member Lynn Alvarez and form an Equity and Access Task Force. The goal is to create pathways to this program for children across the LA landscape. I have an illustrious group of members who represent all of LA’s board districts, major community-based organizations, philanthropy, artists, and activists all committed to this goal. We’re all committed to LACHSA building a student body that mirrors the richness and interplay of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds that make Los Angeles an exciting place to live and make art. We will make a concerted effort to build pipelines for talented students from across the city to prepare them to be LACHSA students. Stay tuned—the task force will gather over the course of the spring and present a report before the school year is out.


One of the things I’m most proud of is the opportunity to advocate on behalf of our teaching artists—they are what elevate LACHSA from being a great school to a specialschool. In my many discussions with the artists, I learned that they had not received a pay raise in fifteen years. When I brought this up to the Foundation board, they were as surprised as I was. I shared that I felt if any school must treat artists with respect and pay them a competitive wage, it’s LACHSA. We cannot be committed to developing artists, but not pay those artists who make it possible. Their response was immediate and decisive. They instantly approved a $100,000 fund to provide stipends to our teaching artists as an acknowledgement of our gratitude for their work with our children, and to let them know we are committed to instituting a salary table and hourly rates that are based on a real living wage. Happily, we were able to distribute these payments in time for the holidays. Bravo, AHF Board!

The Hollywood Foreign Press Visits LACHSA

(Originally aired on NBC, January 7, 2018)

Actor William H. Macy and Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Meher Tatna present a segment about LACHSA, the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts, one of the many educational organizations that benefit from the HFPA’s charitable grants.


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