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Helping Young Artists Grow

The Arts High Foundation’s main goal is to help bridge the gap between State funding and the actual costs of operating the first-rate quality arts programs at LACHSA.

For the community’s most creatively talented youth, the school offers one of the few tuition-free opportunities for them in the area to receive excellent, conservatory-style arts education and experiences.  With a solid history of training young artists in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, musical theatre and film since 1985, LACHSA has become a treasured and valuable educational institution in Los Angeles.  This would not be possible, however, without consistent support from the Arts High Foundation and its donors, who do the following:

  • Underwrite studio classes in which the aesthetics, skills and techniques of the arts are taught by distinguished professional artists
  • Fund the productions of plays, musicals, operas, dance and music concerts and recitals, ballets, art exhibitions and film festivals, as well as the annual visual arts student portfolio, Gift of Love
  • Supply students with a diverse array of art making materials and industry-standard equipment
  • Bring prominent visiting artists from each discipline to teach Master Classes
  • Enable students to visit galleries, museums, film and animation studios and professional dance performances
  • Award numerous merit scholarships each year to help graduating seniors pursue higher education or help current students attend summer intensives or conferences or purchase their own photography equipment

The Arts High Foundation provides nearly $1 million in funding for the school’s arts programs each year.  Moving forward, this and even more funding will be needed as never before to maintain the school’s arts programs.

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